Oxygen is very important for every cell in our bodies to function, without it life becomes short. We get our oxygen from breathing in air but it holds a lot more importance than just breathing. Oxygen is the most significant element for living beings because it sustains life on the planet earth.  Oxygen is taken from lungs through hemoglobin and travels to every cell in the body. It is also highly advised that we breathe through the nose as it has structures that clean and filter the air before it reaches the lungs. Adequate level of oxygen is required for living a life full of energy.

Further Studies have shown that oxygen helps to, Stimulate brain activity, Increase memory capacity, Boost concentration, Develop stronger alertness, increase energy levels, Improve strength, Detox your blood, Reduce stress, Calm anxiety, relieve tension headaches, Help with cardiovascular activity and Strengthen the immune system. If a person is not receiving sufficient amount oxygen, there is no cause for alarm as one can opt for breathing supplemental oxygen through oxygen cylinder and concentrators.


Oxygen concentrators work like an air conditioning unit. It takes the air in, modifies it and delivers it back in a pure, clean and fresh form. It takes in the air and then purifies it for people who require medical grade oxygen because of low oxygen levels in their blood.

Oxygen concentrators can be used as a substitute for compressed gas containers. They help produce 9095% of the oxygen from normal room air. Oxygen concentrators don’t use any expensive tanks or container or oxygen refills. It uses the air around you, in your home and delivers concentrated oxygen to help you breathe. There are so many benefits offered by oxygen concentrators but just a few of them are:

  • Improved survival rates for respiratory conditions
  • Improved mental attentiveness
  • Increases stamina
  • Better mood.



 There are quite a few factors that one needs to look out for when purchasing an oxygen concentrator:

  • The oxygen concentration rate must be between 87% and 99%.

There are stationary oxygen concentrators and portable Oxygen concentrators. Portable models are highly preferred because of the ease and comfort it gives. i.e. it is very easy to be moved from one hospital ward to another subsequently

  • The noise level of an oxygen concentrator is normally between 31 dB and 60 dB, which is equivalent to a quiet conversation or a normal voice in a calm environment. Some brands produce even quieter models.
  • Oxygen concentrators are usually connected to the electrical network for continuous use. This type of device does not consume a lot of electricity. Other models are battery-operated.

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